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Accident Investigation and Prevention

An unplanned and uncontrolled accident that is not necessarily injurious or damaging to an individual, property, or to an operation.  Any accident interrupts or interferes with the orderly progress of a production activity or process.

Accident Investigation can assist the company:
Identifying the direct and indirect causes.

Prevention of recurrence of similar accident.
Identification of training needs.

Provision of information in case of Litigation
Our services including:
Performs safety analyses and risk assessment to identify hazards, accident causes and accident consequences, to identify remedial actions for reducing overall system risks, and to determine their safety benefits, user acceptability, and economic viability.

Acquires, manages and analyzes accident related data to identify causes and impacts of accidents, means of reducing their frequency and severity, and to develop methods for predicting accidents and the accident reduction benefits of proposed remedial actions.

Evaluates and develops test data acquisition instrumentation and technologies, data acquisition plans, and accident investigation guidelines to ensure acquisition of critical safety information.
Provides Accident Investigation Report to mention the accident causes, remedial actions and recommendation for prevention.