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Occupational Hygiene & Health

Workers also exposure to hazardous chemicals, biological agents (bacteria, fungi, avian flu) or physical energies such as noise, heat and vibration, can often result in discomfort or disease, resulting in excessive absences and lower productivity. An effective occupational hygiene program contributes significantly to workplace productivity.
Our consultant team evaluates and monitors workplace conditions to improve and protect workers health. We can identify hazards from single and multiple exposures prior to recommending mitigation procedures. We also conduct risk assessment to map and identify worker exposure issues such as: toxicological assessment of gases and other contaminants; selection and evaluation of respirators and other personal protective equipment; physical energy hazard assessments; and evaluation of respiratory and dermal exposure of workers to contaminants.
Some of our Occupational Hygiene Services are as follows:

Chemical Exposure Assessment (Factories and Construction Site)
Biological Exposure Assessments
Noise and Vibration Exposure Assessment and Control
Ergonomics Assessment and Control
Manual handling assessment
Occupational Hygiene Audits
Violence in the Workplace Audits and Control
Confined Space Entry Assessment
Display Screen Equipment Assessment
Occupational Hygiene Training
Development of Engineering Controls

Occupational Health Consultants will work with clients to identify and develop cost effective control measures including training, work procedures, engineered controls, and personal protective equipment to address the above workplace hygiene needs.