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Project Lists

Construction Project Lists

Castle Peak Power Co. Ltd. – CLP (Emission Control Project)

Refurbishment of roofing including provision of green roof at Tai Po Gov. Primary School and NTN Animal Management Center at Sheun Shui (Contact No.: :ASD233/09)

EMSD Maintenance Works of BYME Engineering (HK) Ltd. (Contract No: 1019 N1020)

Replacement of Fire Services Installation at Airport Tunnel (Contract No.: 1019/EM/2004)

Central Reclamation Phase III – Hinterland Drainage Improvement Works (Contract No. HK16/03)

GE/2002/09 Slope Improvement Project

Proposed Residential Development at Yuen Long

Portion of Feature No. 7NE-C/C8 at South East of Chung Chi College, Phase V, CUHK

Contract for Protective and Aesthetic Treatment to Ma Wan Abutment, Piers M1, & Pier M2 of Tsing Ma Bridge

Advance Engineering Infrastructure Works for Pak Shek Kok Development (Contract No. TP31/99)

Construction of Main Drainage Channels for Ngau Tam Mei, Phase 1 (Contract E), Contract No. DC/98/10

A&A Works to Basic Science Building, HKCU

Jordan Road Reclamation Phase II & Construction of Temporary Passenger Ferry Pier

Construction of Improvement Works for Slope at CUHK

Construction of Hung Hom Estate Phase II at Ma Tau Wai Road and Station Land

Construction of CSD 412 Department Quarters at Butterfly Valley Lai Chi Kok