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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Under the General Duties of Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance and Factories and Industrial Undertakings, as a proprietor and Contractor has the duty to “ensure workplace health and safety”. Our consultants can assist you meet this obligation, regulations, advisory standards and codes of practice have been made under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Regulations. Our consultants will conduct risk assessment and prepare reports to assist you meet your workplace health and safety obligation. The risks assessment report provided will show you how to identify hazards at your workplace and how to manage exposure to the risks associated with these hazards.

Risk Management

Risk Management can protect the organizations’ assets and financial structure from catastrophic losses and reduces workers’ compensation in case of injuries. The risk management program conducts safety programs and training for employees. Risk management also provides litigation support against the civil claims.
Our consultants can assist our clients on how to develop and implement a comprehensive risk management program that can sharply reduce accidents including fatalities, injuries, and harmful exposures while minimizing property and equipment damage.

Our consultancy service demonstrates how to:

identify and evaluate risk
analyze accident, injury and property damage
establish risk management priorities
formulate and implement sound risk control measures
monitor and fine-tune the risk management program
incorporate risk management into an incident management system
use and maintain proper personal protective equipment