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P&G Consultants Ltd. was set up in 2003 by Professor Philip Ho who had over 20 years of experience in occupational safety & health field. Professor Ho has provided different kinds of consultancy services in various sectors including Government, Universities, Institutions, Factories, Contractors, Property Management Companies, Public Utilities and Clients. He was appointed as the instructor of the Hong Kong Open University and the Professor of York University. He is active in promoting safety and health and is a member of a number of local and overseas safety and health institutions. He has been the Chairman of the Career Professional Training Institution and was the Chairman (Technical Standard) of The Institution of Registered Safety Auditors.

P&G Consultants Ltd. (P&G) has provided clients nationwide with consultation, technical assistance, safety audit and training for all of their occupational safety and health requirements, including the vital area of regulatory compliance. P&G assists businesses control costs associated with safety and health, workers compensation, liability and environmental. Our services establish a change in organizational culture, that incorporates management, safety, behavioral and communicative principle.

P&G specializes in providing experts on issues dealing with general safety and health, safety audit and review, factory safety, construction safety, safety and health training, environmental protection and fire protection. Our staff of quality experts can provide consulting and expert opinion testimony for a particular case or on a project base. Our expert witnesses possess professional competence in their areas of specialty, litigation experience, equal availability for plaintiff and defenses cases and excellent research and report writing capabilities.

With over 20 years of safety and health experience in accident investigation and analysis, examining, analyzing, and evaluation problems and determining solutions to a wide variety of situations in many work environments, P&G is ready to assist you in your safety needs.


We build the Company Safety and Health Management System, Company build their business perfectly.