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Tailor-made Safety Training Programmes

Base on the General Duties of Employer under the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance, the Employer should provide the information and training to staff and workers. We can customize any of its training courses to suit your situation and your organization’s procedures and practices.
Our services also include an analysis of the specific training need, design of training course and preparation of training materials.
Tailor-made Safety Training Courses includes the following but not limited to:

Management and Supervisory Level:
Induction Training
Safety Management System
Safety Inspection Techniques
Risk Assessment
Leadership and communication skill
Emergency Planning
Display Screen Equipment
Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance
Factories and Industrial Ordinance
Related Regulations

Front-line Level
Induction Training
Manual Handling Operation
Display Screen Equipment
Emergency Drill
Machinery Safety
General Duties of employees
Related Regulations and Ordinance